PRO Techs Global’s Analysis and CAD Technology Solutions

Solid Modeling

PRO Techs Global’s Solid Modeling services are aimed at conversion of 2D legacy data to solid models, which can be used for various downstream applications like Analysis, Testing, Simulation and Manufacturing. Solid modeling services helps customers to bring quality products faster to market, with significant savings in cost

3D Data Translation

PRO Techs Global’s 3D Data Translation range of services offers translations between heterogeneous CAD environments. We can help organizations that are migrating from one of their legacy CAD software to I-DEAS/Pro-Engineer/CATIA/Unigraphics as their core design engine, or for organizations that need to transfer data between their vendors, suppliers or customers. Our design team comprises engineers with experience in Diverse Fields like Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Engineering, Defense, Earth moving, White Goods, Electrical and Consumer Electronics. Our teams can work out of our own dedicated Design Center or as part of the client’s design team.

RTL Design

PRO Techs Global has the most experienced group of developing high-speed digital design in VHDL & Verilog. This group will work with DFT DRC checker, which enables quick and accurate accounting for testability and resolves any test issue earlier in the design cycle, thus rapidly achieving their DFT goals without costly design iterations. Our expertise is in ISA, PCI & VME bus core and processor interface.

  • RTL code development Synthesis
  • RTL code verification SDF Simulation
Verification services

Minimizing costs and time-to-market require comprehensive verification at optimal points in your design cycle. PRO Techs Global offers all systems verification areas that maximize the quality, performance, and yield of your design while minimizing risk and time-to-market. We have Expertise in the field of Verification with the following areas:

  • ATPG verification RTL verification
  • PLL verification Tool verification
  • Direct Test verification BIST &BS verification
    Custom verification
Finite Element Analysis

PRO Techs Global’s Finite Element Analysis range of services offer solutions to the various design and analysis problems in the field of Structural, Thermal and Fluid flow. We offer a full range of design analysis and optimization capabilities, which includes solid modeling, meshing and design optimization features. Finite Element Analysis helps in refining design concepts and virtually testing them, prior to building prototypes, resulting in better, safer and more reliable products faster and at lesser cost. Support in Finite Element Analysis (Structural, Thermal, Vibration), CFD analysis, Solid modeling, Parametric modeling, Assembly modeling, Detailing, and Surfacing. The tools we use include NASTRAN, ANSYS, ANSA, Hypermesh, CATIA, I-DEAS, Unigraphics, Auto-CAD, Pro/Engineer, and Moldflow.

Kinematics & Dynamics

Kinematics & Dynamics suite of services offers Kinematics and dynamics studies of Mechanisms and explores alternatives and suggests an optimal solution. The Kinematics & Dynamics services are aimed at adding/augmenting the virtual prototyping capabilities of clients, thereby shortening Product Development Cycle time, reducing product Design Cost and significantly improving quality.

Embedded Design

PRO Techs Global will help you create a prototype in embedded design. Services like system software development, device driver & application interface. This offer is made available right from RTL development to board level implementation and application layer to low (assembly) level. Our expertise is in Embedded software for Electronic Purse Retailer Unit (EPRU), SmartCard. Linux device drivers, EPOC, VxWorks & pSOS, Switch protocol for parallel computer communication switch, Hardware like ATM, ISA, VME, PCI 32/64bit core design i486, ADSP 21062, PIII & R5k Processor based embedded, Intel 8/16 bit &, Motorola 8/16 bit microcontrollers.

Design For Test (DFT) Services

Pressure to shorten time-to-market, coupled with increasing device Complexity in system-on-a-chip (SOC) designs, as well as the need for ever higher product quality, compels us to turn our attention to Design-for-testability (DFT) and built-in self-test (BIST). PRO Techs Global meets the need for engineering assistance during critical project stages. By providing experienced engineering resources for key test Implementation and verification tasks. PRO Techs Global keeps projects on Schedule. Consulting experts experienced in Internal scan, JTAG, Built-in Self-Test (BIST), IDDQ and Path Delay testing provide targeted assistance to overcome resource limitations.

o Insertion of Internal Scan – in multimillion gates with multiple clock domain and large memory.
o ATPG services -With the expertise we have can detect percentage of test & fault coverage as desired by the customer.
o Insertion of Boundary Scan – at the RTL level (VHDL and Verilog) by integrating Boundary Scan with BIST circuit.
o BIST – We have successfully generated BIST circuit for various memories.